Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Introducing Rethink Workflow Authentication

Rethink Workflow Authentication

Till today to login and use Rethink Workflow, You needed to have a Google Apps for Work account. Google Apps for Work is great with Rethink Workflow very nicely. You can import groups, units, titles automatically.

But what if you don't have or use a Google Apps for Work account. We are introducing our own authentication system that will allow you to use the app without Google Apps for Work. Rethink Workflow is now truly FREE. You can create your own groups, units, set permissions and use Rethink Workflow and all of it's great features just as you would if you had logged in using Google.

And it is very easy to register your company and get going.

Step One: Admin registration
  • Go to Rethink Workflow.
  • Click on "Register an account".
  • Provide your email address and click "Register".
We will send you a verification email to authenticate your email address.

Verification Email:

Step Two: Verify account and setup login credentials
  • Click on the verification link provided in the Email Address.
  • The register Page opens, Enter your Name and Password. 
  • You have now successfully registered to Rethink Workflow. 

Step Three: Enter company information
  • Login with your Email Address and Password
  • Enter your Company Information

Step Four: Invite employees to Rethink Workflow
Now you need to invite your employees to use Rethink Workflow
  • Login to rethink workflow.
  • Click on Settings -> Users
This page lists all the users in your Account
  • Click on "Add Users"
  • Enter all the email ids of the employees you want to invite to your account
  • Click "Add Users". All the users you added will receive an invitation email from rethink workflow.

Once your Employees accept their invites and create their logins, they'll be able to create documents from your workflows and get going.

If you do have Google Apps for Work, you can still use rethink workflow using your Google account.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Limit the list of options appear in User Dropdown control

As version v.1.1.0, we have added "Dynamic User" feature which allows the workflow designers to use a User Dropdown control as a part of the routing process. Many company administrators want an ability to limit the list of users shown in User Dropdown control to avoid user mistakes of picking a wrong person. For example, when submitting a Request for Leave, the employee can select his manager for approval, and he can only select the one in "Managers" group.

In version v.1.4.0, we have just added a new feature that allows the workflow designer to limit the options in a User Dropdown control. The administrators now can specify the list of individuals, list of groups, and/or list of unit and title combinations.

During the design step, click on the user dropdown control in the form, in the PROPERTIES panel, you will see "Available Users" section.

There are two options:

  • Everyone: all people in the company are listed
  • Limited: only people defined as shown in the below video is listed

Going back to our original requirement, we can limit the list of people who belongs to "Managers" group as options for "Supervisor" dropdown.

Save and publish our workflow so that it is available for users to create documents from.

Now, let's see how it works when an employee creates a new document.

We hope this new feature help to tweak your workflow better for your users. Let us know your feedback in the comment box below or chat with us directly from the chat panel.